Events / One-Off Booking

All of the details, listed below, are for “one-off” hiring of the hall; for example, for a birthday party, meeting, etc.
Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us.

Hall Costs

Hall hire costs just £15 per hour, payable in advance, or on the day of, at the start of your event.


A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required.

Times of Hire

Availability of the hall is from 9am until 9pm. If the hall is required outside of these times, special arrangements can be made. Hiring the hall outside of these times will be charged at £25 per hour.
Tarbock Village Hall offers 30 minutes free, prior to the start of your event, to set up all required items. A further 30 minutes at the end of your event is also free of charge for you to return the hall to its’ previous state.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. The hirer shall not use the premises or permit the premises to be used for any other purpose other than specified in the contract. The hirer will be responsible for the conduct and behaviour of all people attending their event.
  2. The hirer shall take good care of, and shall not cause any damage or permit any damage to be done to the premises, or any part of the premises or the fixtures, fittings and equipment on the premises or to any part of the building of which the premises form part or any other building or structure within the curtilage of the building, and any damage caused or permitted by the hirer, his/her servants, agents, contractors or any other person resorting to the premises by reason of his/her hire of them shall be made good by Tarbock Jubilee at the cost to the hirer and the hirer shall inform the Manager of any such damage as soon as practical and the hirer shall confirm it in writing within 24 hours of its discovery. The cost of such damage shall be certified by the Authorised Officer whose decision shall be final.
  3. No animal, other than an assistance dog, may be brought on to the premises or into the building without the prior consent of the Authorised Officer.
  4. No nails, or fixing or any kind shall be driven or put into any wall, floor, partition, pillar, ceiling, fitting or furniture of any kind.
  5. Cancellation: If for any reason the hirer is not able to keep their booking, the hirer must inform Tarbock Jubilee as soon as possible.
  6. As the venue does not have any form of refuse disposal, the hirer agrees to remove all rubbish from the property, at the end of the event.
  7. The period of hire includes 30 minutes prior to the start of your event, to set up; and a maximum of 30 minutes at the end of your event, to clean up.  All events must finish on time, and all those in attendance must leave the premises by the 30 minutes clearing time after the event.

A complete Terms & Conditions document is available on request, and will be supplied to you on booking.